Frequently Asked Questions - Updated on 2023-01-07

Q: What strengths do you carry for juice?

A: For bottled juices in TRADITIONAL NICOTINES (60ml), we offer 0, 3, 6, and 12mg. In SALT NICOTINES (30ml), we offer 12mg and 20mg.

For STLTH and STLTH Compatible (Zpods, CLX, Flavour Beast), we offer 20mg.

For our fully disposables, we offer 20mg.


Q: I don't like my flavor of juice, can I return it?

A: No. We do not currently offer buyer's remorse returns. Feel free to call our O'Brien location and ask at (249) 506-0009.


Q: Do you sell Juul?

A: We currently do not offer any Juul products. However, we do offer our Juul Exchange Program. This means, you bring in your Juul device and we will give you a STLTH free. Come talk to us in person for further details.


Q: Do you sell disposables?

A: Yes. We currently offer Vice, Vice Box, Flavour Beast, Envi Apex, Allo 2500, IVG, Mr.Fog, and Vapeman.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes! We deliver within North Bay City Limits via WARP delivery. They have a base fee of 8 dollars. The cut-off for delivery is 5pm on Sundays and 6pm every other day. Holidays exempt.


Q: Are you pet friendly?

A: Yes! We'd love to meet your dog, cat, lizard, whatever! We keep a bag of dog treats on site for any pets we have the pleasure of meeting.


Q: What is your Covid Policy?

A: Please click here for information on changes to our shopping experience due to Covid-19.


Q: My device isn't working! What do I do?

A: Please call us at 249-506-0009. Device returns vary on a case-by-case basis. However, returns and exchanges must be completed by 30 days of the initial purchase.


Q: Do you offer discount products?

A: We do offer discount products, but the availability changes daily. We recommend calling either location for specifics!